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Your home is your safe haven.

It’s where family gathers and memories are made. Unfortunately, many high-net-worth individuals are caught off guard by insufficient insurance coverage in the midst of an emergency that uproots their family’s day-to-day routine.

Inadequate homeowners coverage not only poses a substantial risk to a major asset, but it can amplify stress in a time of tragedy. Protecting your luxury home with a high-net-worth home insurance policy will provide you with a reliable financial safety net against unforeseen risks, losses, and events.

Without proper coverage, you could face prolonged resolution that forces your family into a temporary living situation and be stuck paying a hefty amount out-of-pocket to restore your home to its original condition.

How does High-Value Homeowners insurance differ from standard home coverage?

Owning a high-value home comes with its own set of challenges, complex risks, and specialized needs—not only because of the price tag but also because of the higher cost of personal property and increased liability that come with it.

If your home is valued at $1 million or more, it requires additional coverage that mass-market coverage simply can’t provide. High-value home insurance goes above and beyond standard coverage to ensure every unique detail of your home and your life within it is protected.

At Bennett & Porter Private Client, we deliver you custom luxury home insurance options that offer the highest level of coverage and guarantee protection against the most devastating and catastrophic disasters.

  • Cyber Liability / Cyber Bullying

    Lawsuits originating from social media activity are more prominent than ever. Our prestigious carriers cover defense costs and provide access to prominent law firms prepared to act on your behalf.

  • Damage Prevention

    We’ll keep you proactive against a leading cause of headaches that can easily go unnoticed until the damage is done. Our world-class carriers offer complimentary scans that can detect leaks, missing insulation, and faulty electrical connections.

  • Employee Practice Liability

    Though household staff can feel like an extension of your family, it’s crucial to have the proper protection in place, just like any other business relationship. This coverage protects against claims from house managers, nannies, and other house staff including wrongful termination and other complex accusations.

  • Guaranteed Replacement

    Inflation is on the rise, which means it may cost more than your home’s current market value to repair covered damage. Our High-Value home offerings ensure your home’s unique architectural structures will be restored to their original glory.

  • Identity Theft

    High net worth individuals have more to lose when it comes to identity theft. Criminals know the payoff can be tremendous if they can successfully steal the identity of a wealthy person, so it’s important to minimize your risk through adequate coverage.

  • Personal Injury

    Safeguard your wealth with a personal injury endorsement, which provides coverage for situations like false arrest, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, and more.

  • Severe Weather Protection

    Stunning landscapes are often synonymous with turbulent weather conditions. Our carriers take natural disaster coverage to the next level, even providing a private Wildfire Protection Unit that’s a first of its kind.

  • Valuable Articles

    We’re here to protect your passions. Whether your collection consists of rare wine and whiskey, books, antiques, art, memorabilia, jewelry, couture clothing, musical instruments–or a bit of everything–our elite carriers are equipped to keep your beloved collection safe.

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World-Class Coverage

High net-worth individuals face a variety of risks that most people don’t. Bennett & Porter is proud to offer clients world-renowned coverage which provides a level of protection mass-market insurance never could. Experience the difference in protection you deserve: higher limits, one-of-a-kind boutique coverages, and a refreshingly easy claims experience.

The Bennett & Porter Approach

Our founders and advisors have decades of experience working with affluent households and are well-versed in their unique needs. We’re proud to lend our expertise and powerful connections in a sometimes complicated industry to bring awareness, clarity, and peace of mind to our clients and families. We take a personal approach to analyze your home, its unique features, and your family's needs to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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