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High-end clients need coverage designed specifically for a lavish lifestyle that an ordinary insurance agency just can’t provide.

Premium assets that give liveliness to your standard of living need the highest level of protection. You deserve the peace of mind knowing your high-class valuables are safeguarded from any unexpected situation.

Your experience with a specialty insurance firm should never be a one-size-fits-all experience. We provide our affluent clients with a comprehensive, individualized risk assessment to determine the unique needs of your way of life.

We offer high-quality protection for a variety of specialized risks, underwriting markets that demand highly specialized knowledge and unconventional approaches. We leverage our expertise and apply innovative thinking to deliver comprehensive coverage and impactful solutions even across the most unique of niches like farmer and ranch insurance, family office insurance, and kidnap and ransom insurance. From costly collectibles to high-end toys, we’ll secure you with the coverage you deserve.

Who Needs Specialty Coverages?

Your lifestyle is far from ordinary. Specialty insurance coverages protect the assets that make your experiences extraordinary. Private planes, yachts, horses, and valuable collectibles all require a higher level of risk assessment and coverage—something that most mass-market insurance agents fail to comprehend or consider.

Whether you need aviation insurance for your private plane, boat or yacht insurance and yacht insurance for your personal watercraft, or valuables insurance for your favorite collectibles, Bennett & Porter Private Client can provide you with the right mix of coverage options to protect what matters most to you. Our advisors and carriers specialize in safeguarding every aspect of your exceptional lifestyle.

  • Aviation

    Private plane owners face risks others don’t, and our carriers cater to their unique needs with scalable aviation policies. Our advisors assess your role and personal aircraft to build a custom policy that accounts for it all.

  • Boats & Yachts

    Whether you hit the water on a yacht, catamaran, jet ski, speed boat, or other watercraft–our carriers specialize in keeping you and your toys safe from environmental damage, collision, theft, and vandalism on and off the water.

  • Equine, Farm & Ranch

    Some passions are more precarious than others. Our team of advisors is skilled in insuring the equine lifestyle, utilizing every resource available to protect against accidents and damage at your private farm and beyond.

  • Events

    Hosting at your high-value home brings friends, colleagues and connections together in celebration. Excess liability coverage protects you and your home against lawsuits associated with on-property injuries, accidents and alcohol.

  • Family Office

    Accomplished families like yours face complex risks for protecting the business of the family office. Preserving your family wealth you’ve worked so hard for starts with minimizing liabilities through a comprehensive insurance policy that safeguards your interests.

  • Kidnap & Ransom

    Our select carriers provide protection for your family around the world, with experienced negotiators and lawyers who speak the native language. This allows experts to immediately intervene and removes the need to rely on law enforcement and procedures in other countries.

  • Pet Insurance

    Your pet is part of your family. Just like humans, they can misread a situation and overreact. Safeguard your assets from potential lawsuits stemming from dog bites or other incidents at home or in public.

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World-Class Coverage

High net-worth individuals face a variety of risks that most people don’t. Bennett & Porter is proud to offer clients world-renowned coverage which provides a level of protection mass-market insurance never could. Experience the difference in protection you deserve: higher limits, one-of-a-kind boutique coverages, and a refreshingly easy claims experience.

The Bennett & Porter Approach

Our founders and advisors have decades of experience working with affluent households and are well-versed in their unique needs. We’re proud to lend our expertise and powerful connections in a sometimes complicated industry to bring awareness, clarity, and peace of mind to our clients and families. Upon approval, we take a personal approach to analyze your assets, collections, and toys to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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