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Private Client Insurance Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals & Families

The right insurance prepares you for the unexpected. That is why it is critical for high-net-worth individuals and affluent families to work with professionals who understand the risks, demands, and unique requirements of their lifestyle.

For over twenty years, Bennett & Porter Private Client has served the insurance and risk management needs of America's wealthiest individuals and families. We partner with the top high-value insurance companies to provide you with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. Our private client team specializes in providing individualized insurance plans for people with significant and diverse asset portfolios.

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding private client and high-value insurance.

What is private client insurance?
What does private client insurance cover?
Do I need private client insurance?
What is high-value home insurance?
What is high-value auto insurance?
What is specialty insurance and who is it for?
Why is excess liability coverage important?
Do you need insurance for a Mexico trip?

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