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You don’t fuel your car with regular gas, so why protect it with a regular auto policy?

Luxury, classic and collector cars require a certain level of care and coverage. Standard auto insurance often falls short when protecting high-value vehicles due to limitations that range from insufficient coverage to inadequate repairs and rental reimbursement–all factors that define a claim’s process and recovered loss.

Bennett & Porter is well-versed in high-value and collector vehicles. We understand their appreciation, required level of care, and have access to client-focused and flexible plans in support. Our world-class carriers provide unique and elite coverage options that allow our advisors to cherry-pick options and design a luxury car insurance plan specifically for you.

How does High-Value Auto insurance differ from standard coverage?

Your high-value car requires the same level of superior protection as your high-value home. Mass market auto insurance is for mass-market vehicles. Your luxury car, classic car, or antique car requires an exotic car insurance policy designed for high-value vehicles.

Simplify your auto insurance without sacrificing specialty coverage. The Bennett & Porter Private Client team can provide you with customized high-value auto insurance options that combine high-value automobiles, antiques and collector cars, plus your toys including motorcycles, ATVs, and even golf carts under one policy that boasts coverage high above industry standards.

  • Agreed Value

    Forget depreciation. Our carriers offer agreed value coverage that honors a set value determined at the time of purchase, regardless of years passed and miles logged when a covered loss occurs.

  • Collector Cars

    High-Value carriers understand that collector cars often appreciate over time. Our advisors provide concierge-level service that stays a step ahead, with consistent and ongoing evaluation and consideration of coverage and declared value.

  • High-End Repairs

    Mass-market insurance often assign in-network repair facilities that aren’t accustomed to the caliber of craftsmanship and materials required to restore your damaged vehicle following an accident.

  • Luxury Vehicles

    New car replacement, cash settlement, agreed value, and choice of repair facility are just a few elements that elevate high-value auto insurance far beyond standard market auto policies. We build policies that never leave your luxury vehicle to chance.

  • No-Limit Rental

    Our world-class carriers honor generous rental reimbursement packages with no per-day limits to ensure you’re always enjoying the ride.

  • Specialty Vehicles

    All of your toys are welcome here. Our custom-built auto policies cater to hobby cars, weekend off-roading vehicles, and every toy in your garage. Additional liability coverage that standard policies lack are always built into our specialty vehicle coverage. Because throttle-fueled fun can’t always come without risk.

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World-Class Coverage

High net-worth individuals face a variety of risks that most people don’t. Bennett & Porter is proud to offer clients world-renowned coverage which provides a level of protection mass-market insurance never could. Experience the difference in protection you deserve: higher limits, one-of-a-kind boutique coverages, and a refreshingly easy claims experience.

The Bennett & Porter Approach

Our founders and advisors have decades of experience working with affluent households and are well-versed in their unique needs. We’re proud to lend our expertise and powerful connections in a sometimes complicated industry to bring awareness, clarity, and peace of mind to our clients and families. We take a personal approach to analyze your vehicles, their required level of care, and your family's needs to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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