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Have you outgrown
your insurance coverage?

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One size does not fit all. Mass-market insurance companies simply aren’t equipped to offer the level of coverage an affluent lifestyle requires to remain risk-free.

Bennett & Porter Private Client provides access to the world’s most prestigious insurance carriers and a team of advisors dedicated to safeguarding extraordinary lives. Our truly private client services grant entryway to elite opportunities born from powerful relationships we’ve spent decades establishing. Welcome to our circle.

Insurance is an important part of protecting your wealth and the things and people you care about. Bennett & Porter Private Client can help you create personalized high-net-worth insurance solutions to safeguard your wealth and the things and people you love.

We combine extensive industry knowledge and market experience with a client-centered approach to deliver innovative risk management solutions that adapt to your specific needs.

We operate as a powerful force in your corner. Twenty years of industry experience allows us to leverage insights and expertise to educate and empower. Our award-winning team takes pride in responsive service and advocacy that gains generational trust.

Discover the coverage you deserve: calculated protection, high-limit policies, a streamlined claims process, and a team of experts prepared to take action on your behalf.

Have you outgrown
your insurance coverage?

Peace of Mind Starts with a Plan.

Our team of advisors is ready to learn more about you.

High-Value Home

We’re here to safeguard your safe haven. Homes valued at $1 million or more require an elevated level of protection. Our high-value home insurance coverage goes beyond standard home insurance policies provided by mass-market companies.

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High-Value Auto

Protecting what matters most is what drives us. Simplify your auto insurance without sacrificing the specialty coverage exotic, high-value and collector cars require. Our coverages promise worldwide protection, agreed value, original manufacturer parts, cash settlements, and the freedom to choose the repair facility.

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Excess Liability

A liability verdict can quickly dismantle all you’ve built. Extend protection with an umbrella policy designed to safeguard your lifestyle and legacy from an unexpected tragedy. Our coverages are equipped to combat risks associated with teenager drivers, home swimming pools, and other common unforeseen vulnerabilities.

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Specialty Coverages

Bennett & Porter Private Client goes beyond high-value home and auto coverage to provide personalized protection for those who have more to lose than most. We understand your complex lifestyle from the ordinary to the arcane because we live it ourselves. Our team of advisors takes a proactive ‘what-if’ approach to protection that gives clients the freedom to focus on other things.

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  • Aviation
  • Farm & Ranch
  • Identity Theft
  • Boats & Yachts
  • Valuable Articles
  • Family Office

Unique Coverage for Your Unique Lifestyle

Unique Coverage for Your Unique Lifestyle

Paying a premium does not guarantee full coverage. Most standard policies do not provide adequate protection for your luxury home, vehicle, and other valuables.

Private client insurance is more than just a personal policy with higher limits and premiums; it's about accommodating the specific requirements of those with substantial wealth and assets to protect.

Bennett & Porter Private Client cares about what matters to you. We take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your interests so we can tailor our risk assessment and management services to your unique needs. We look at your high-value assets and overall risk to create a high-quality, high-net-worth insurance package that fits your needs and lifestyle.

A Plan Just for You

We use our in-depth knowledge and experience in risk management to create a policy tailored to your lifestyle and risks. The Bennett & Porter Private Client team is invested in creating a comprehensive strategy that meets your needs and evolves with you.

Extensive Industry Experience

We have been providing asset protection and risk management solutions for over twenty years. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of private insurance and has the experience and specialized resources required to deal with one-of-a-kind situations.

One-of-a-Kind Coverages

Whether it's high-value homeowners insurance or exotic auto insurance, we pull out all the stops to ensure that you are properly and accurately protected. Together, we’ll develop a bespoke high-net-worth insurance portfolio that offers you maximum protection.

Service that Goes Above and Beyond

Bennett & Porter Private Client is dedicated to elevating your insurance experience with our streamlined procedures, prompt service, reliable turnaround times, and refreshingly easy claims process.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Now, it’s time to find the right support and guidance to safeguard the investments you’ve made and the most important people in your life.

With Bennett & Porter Private Client insurance and specialty solutions, you get extraordinary asset protection solutions tailor-made for the kind of life you live.

Bespoke Plans
For Your Distinctive Lifestyle

Our expert advisors are ready to create your customized coverage plan.