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Life can’t happen without risks. But, those with a high-net-worth could lose it all if inadequate insurance is in place.

Excess liability insurance extends protection at home, on the road, and throughout life when built-in liability limits fall short in covering costs associated with an accident or lawsuit.

Seemingly harmless and common life elements including teenage drivers, home swimming pools, social media activity, domestic staff, events hosted in your home, and even serving on a nonprofit board can put you and your family at risk of substantial financial loss if an accident were to occur. And, they do.

How does Excess Liability coverage extend your protection?

Auto, homeowners, and other specialty insurance policies include built-in liability coverage–but it’s limited. Excess liability coverage takes action when the underlying limits of such policies fall short, protecting you and your family from lawsuits, libel and slander, and providing compensation if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Bennett & Porter Private Client can help you design a personal umbrella policy that will provide you the extra layer of protection you need against large and potentially devastating claims and judgments.

When the unexpected happens, having personal umbrella liability insurance could mean the difference between losing everything and safeguarding your financial future.

  • Directors & Officers' Liability

    Most boards and not-for-profits carry minimal coverage, leaving you liable for the actions within the organization. Excess liability protects you while in pursuit of the greater good.

  • Group Personal Excess Liability

    Secure elite representation and cover substantial legal costs for your multi-generational family should they face an unfortunate lawsuit related to property damage or personal and bodily injury.

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World-Class Coverage

High net-worth individuals face a variety of risks that most people don’t. Bennett & Porter is proud to offer clients world-renowned coverage which provides a level of protection mass-market insurance never could. Experience the difference in protection you deserve: higher limits, one-of-a-kind boutique coverages, and a refreshingly easy claims experience.

The Bennett & Porter Approach

Our founders and advisors have decades of experience working with affluent households and are well-versed in their unique needs. We’re proud to lend our expertise and powerful connections in a sometimes complicated industry to bring awareness, clarity, and peace of mind to our clients and families. We take a personal approach to analyze your lifestyle, assets and unique needs to best protect your family and legacy.

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